Mark Savage

American native that was born with a purpose to empower and shine light where necessary. Innovation wholistic storyteller. aka Bitsavage

A quick chat with Mark Savage

What is your definition of art + tech?

To me art + tech is using multiple mediums to convey a story.


Who, or what, inspires you in your art and in your life?

The universe and my dreams are the spark to my creations.


What is your process or techniques for creating your work?  

Currently I paint and use Blender to create profound works!


What’s next for you as an artist?  

My next venture is to start a movement for empowered creatives globally. 


What’s the greater purpose behind your artwork?

My work emotes the reality I desire to experience moment to moment.


Are there any technologies that you are excited about working with or that have been a game changer for you?

Blender is the true game changer for me!


What is your dream project? 

My dream project is an NFT film with top artists collaborating.


Anything you've thought of exploring if you had the freedom of an anonymous alias?

If I had an ANON alias I would bring more love & equality to the "ADULT" space. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

The best piece of advice is to not act like you know everything.


Mark Savage
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