Matthew Sergeant

The joy of imagination

Twists and turns in a design

Honing, crafting, sharing


In 1995 Matthew Sergeant began creating experimental camera designs. The initial intention was to challenge the camera's status as an 'apparatus of the real' by creating photographs free from the conventions of fixed viewpoint, geometric perspective, and split second exposure times.

Matthew explains, "When taking a conventional photograph, the camera occupies a fixed point in a single moment. In some respects the camera's mode of operation mimics visual perception. Rather than complete with the eye, much of my work explores a uniquely photographic vision, emphasizing interpretation rather than emulation."

Whilst still at school Matthew worked as a news photographer before training as a carpenter and joiner. Later, he pursued undergraduate studies in Photography at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, and completed a Masters in Teaching Visual Culture, Middlesex University.

In 2014, following a career in education teaching at College and University level, Matthew and his family relocated from the UK to Vermont. The move provided the impetus to invest time and energy in new projects one more weaving together technical, craft, and aesthetic skills in the productions of unique images. By modifying the way photographic images are made Matthew is able to find a visual space in the interplay between movement, time and perspective. 

Matthew Sergeant