Melanie Clemmons

Melanie Clemmons (she/they) is a new media artist interested in reimagining technology toward a more careful and sublime future. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally, and consists of video, net art, installation, 3D printed sculpture and XR experiences. Clemmons toured with Pussy Riot performing visuals during their first North American tour, and has collaborated on several of their music videos. She has also collaborated with Zak Loyd since 2009, performing live visuals, and composing immersive video, laser, and XR installations. She is an assistant professor of digital/hybrid media at SMU in Dallas, TX.

Zak Loyd (he/him) is a media artist and educator interested in mystical ramifications of video art histories, post-truth culture, and pop-gnosis. His intermodal work takes the form of installation, performance, and network-based compositions. He has shown at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Rhizome at The New Museum; and Casa Maauad, Mexico D.F. He is currently a Visual Art Technician and Adjunct Faculty in New Media Art at the University of North Texas.

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