Title: ascension of the builders


Artist: odbol


Medium: interactive generative musical instrument


Price: 20 TEZ


Edition: 4/20



new media artist, cybertechnician, dodecahedonist



Their city consumed by flames of a dying star, The Builders looked back in reminiscent grace, their memories decaying. As the solar conflagration returned their blood to the dust beneath the streets, a curious force swept through their physical bodies, separating flesh and consciousness from their souls.

Reborn as spheres of plasma energy, those who built the ancient city from sinew and steel begin to ascend. The mechatropolis receding quickly below them, their memories erased, The Ascended begin on their forever upward path toward new understandings of the oldest knowledge.


An interactive musical instrument. Click the unmute button to hear the sound and play the instrument. Variations include the colors of the sculpture (single palette is rare), and the background music tracks (most are more ambient, but in rare cases you will get more lively percussion and beats).


Artwork #3 in the dreamsynth series


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