Pablo Salafurka

Born in a small town Dobrzany, but now living in the best place in Poland - Poznan.

 Interested in interactive and real-time generative art. His passion is combining 2D and 3D graphics with experimental sounds and vice versa. When creating this form of expression he always try to add something new, something exploratory for him, so that each subsequent work is also a development - not just an answer to a given problem or topic.

For Pablo, as an artist, the most important thing is to combine my two passions. Art and computer technology. He considers these two fields to be perfectly compatible with each other, following a common path since the beginning of the cyber world.

That is why he creates interactive art. Objects, installations, films that need someone's gaze in order to live.

As Pablo expands his exploration of the virtual world and the innovations associated with it, He expands his own barriers to creativity. He looks at the world, trying to make sense of what he sees, through the lens of what he can create.

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