Paul Ackerman

Don't miss the Body Mapping perfomance from Paul Ackerman at the 2015 ART+TECH Festival!  

Paul Ackerman, a degreed media artist with professional backgrounds in Graphical User Interface Design, Graphic Design, 2/3D Illustration, Video pre/post production, Dance Theater, multimedia, Drawing, Motion Graphics, Sculpture, Painting and Photography. Paul holds a BFA in Drawing and Photography from California College of Arts(CCA) in Oakland, CA.

Three years after graduation, his extensive experience as a cross-over media artist hand manipulated media (etched/burned photo/graphic arts film) formatted for slide projectors illuminating movement. .

At first, content was created by perching a hot needle into plastic 2×2″ slide blanks to create an animated series of concentric circles. Today a major part of 4,000 original etched film art has been scanned and incorporated with SD/HD digital video motion graphics.

Illustrations via silver point drawings of crumpled paper were some of the first cubist experiments.  In international competitions, received high praise and always placed in ranking. Several were lost by UPS so another media was explored to be smaller and portable, “film”. Experiments started with hot needles, dental tools and retouching knifes in a sumi-e brush technique of controlling the flow when drawing on film. Old school techniques of hand-manipulated & painted film media were scripted for multiple projectors staged in collaboration with professional choreographers for “body projections” onto ballet, gogo, pole, burlesque dancers, acrobats and aerialists. Content of pattern/texture motifs range from mystical, astrological, tribal, computer forms, numbers, text, crop circles designs to Qabalah and sacred geometry.

In the San Francisco Bay area, his work was presented at the Palace of Fine Arts, Project Artaud, Vorpal Gallery, Oakland Civic Auditorium, Stanford University, College of Marin CA, San Francisco Dance Theater, The Japan Center, and The Intersection in North Beach. In Seattle his work has been presented at Seattle Center’s ArtsEdge97, Fremont Arts Council, Best of Choreography Etc., On The Boards, Broadway Performance Hall, Spectrum Dance Theater, Arts in Residence Bellevue, light shows for various bands plus various corporate theaters.


Paul Ackerman