Saturn Rising


Saturn's Manifesto:

“I am not just a dancer, I am a performance artist. King Saturn is the grisly aftermath of the death of my fear. Vogue just happened to be my weapon of choice. Now, as I remove my crown, I intend also to rise from my throne. Saturn Rising thus transcends, enlightens and emboldens, seeking to empower you and my psyche. I will reset your mind and demolish your social constructs. I will dance from my spirit and channel David’s unlikely triumph over Goliath. I will be so sick, that you die from your illness on the dance floor. And, most importantly, I will cleanse your soul of the weight of this world and demand that you rise with me into the otherworldly.”


Buzz single, “Better 4 U,”—a collaboration between King Saturn and famed Bay Area producer and DJ, Loud Mouth (Demsuckaz)—is a pulsating, tribal imploration to dance, to feel, to free. Follow up, “Young Forever,” Friends with Benefits records’ forthcoming single featuring the sexy “4 on the floor” production of San Francisco’s David Sylvester recalls 1970S “Queen of Disco” Sylvester at his very best, and as such is sure to become a pride anthem for the ages. Both songs are the anchor for the live show—a high art and even higher energy nod to drama, power and sex that intersperses fierce vogue work.

In 2014, Saturn Rising took the Afropunk and Stargayzer festivals by storm, opened for Big Freedia, Le1F, and Brenmar in San Francisco, made the SF Guardian's famed Hot Pink List, headlined SF Pride and MOMA's Modern Art Ball, collaborated with Alice Glass and toured extensively with Double Duchess. This year after well received turns at Snowglobe Music Festival, GayBiGayGay and a host of club performances on the books, "the goal is to rise faster and further, and have the world bear witness to the explosion to come, and reap the benefits of its essence raining down form the cosmos for years to come."

Saturn will be performing at our ART+TECH Festival "MOVEMENT" on October 24th.



Saturn Rising
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