Scott Summit

 Exploring the intersection between the body, human needs, and technology. He founded Bespoke to experiment with impact of design on un-designed products. Opportunities afforded by new technology tools allow the creation of customized products, based on business models previously considered unimaginable. 3D printing, owing to the versatility inherent in the process, allows us to rethink medicine, innovation, space travel, business models, and its potential for improvements in quality of life on a grander scale.

Scott is most excited by the products that result when designer has relinquished agency in the process and product to a variable beyond their immediate control.  Whether that variability comes from the integration of an individual human form, sound, algorithms, scripts, the 'crowd', data, etc - the designer must willingly accept that an outside force will be co-designing their product, often leading to unanticipated and ungovernable results.


Current Board of Advisers positions :

  • Made In Space
  • Keyssa
  • The Luke Hand
  • UNYQ
  • Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (Advisory Board)


Academic Positions :

  • Carnegie Mellon University (2006-7)  Visiting Faculty
  • Stanford University (2009) Visiting Faculty
  • Singularity University (2010 - present) Faculty
Scott Summit