Sergiu Ardelean

“Imagine if your artwork could express not only the singularity, but the entire journey?”

~ Sergiu Ardelean 

Sergiu Ardelan is CEO and co-founder of ARTIVIVE, a downloadable visualisation tool which will take your end canvas and allow viewers to unlock the augmented realities hidden within. His platform empowers artists to build the future of analog and digital art. His vision is to change how art is created and consumed by forming a global community of Augmented Reality artists that bring Art to life.

Currently based in San Francisco, he is on a mission is to democratize augmented reality by simplifying the technical process so artists can do what they do best, create! An Austrian native, he developed the application from the ground up including product development, identifying artistic consumer need and providing tailored specifications to take Artivive to market. The platform now has a global reach currently used on 3 continents by a network of 10,000+ artists and creatives. 


Sergiu Ardelean
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