Sheri Sobrato Brisson

Sheri Sobrato Brisson - Founder of the Digging Deep Project

Sheri Sobrato Brisson comes from a family of philanthropists. The Sobrato family started a private foundation, the Sobrato Family Foundation, 20 years ago.

In addition to supporting other nonprofits, Sheri realized her own philanthropic vision through the creation of a project aimed at supporting the emotional needs of seriously and chronically ill children and their families.

Sheri survived brain cancer as a young adult. Sheri is founder of the Digging Deep Project, coauthor of Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges, and creator of Shadow’s Edge, a mobile game for teens with medical conditions. Sheri is now on a mission to help more young people through developing electronic products. She has a long-term passion for working with kids and teens facing health challenges and holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Sheri is a member of The Philanthropy Workshop as well

Sheri Sobrato Brisson
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