CODAME Featured Artist

Steve Teeple (better known as Teeps) is a digital artist and DJ currently residing in the the city of Oakland, CA where he dreams of vast 3D worlds, mind bending creatures, and large quantities of Yerba Mate tea. His

work explores the continuously developing relationship between sight and sound, investigating the ideas of stepping away from the usual formats, to explore 3D spaces and study visual perception. Inspired by neo-tokyo, sci-fi, tech, video games, and psychedelia, Steve gives us a glimpse of what it may be like to not just see and hear within our normal range, but to push our senses to see beyond standard limitations and witness a glimpse of the otherworldly.

Steve Teeple is doing both visuals and a live music set for Ephemeral Vessels! Get your ticket now, support ART+TECH, CODAME and the Artists

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