Total Unicorn

Total Unicorn will be performing on October 23rd for the 2015 ART+TECH Festival.

We enjoin you to become an initiate of the Protocorns, to partake of the unichalace and imbibe the cosmic ambrosia. With every sip, your waves hew closer to ours.

That’s the power of Aesthetic Acid: the primary building block of Inner Beauty. We’ve clapped our hooves. We have your attention. We control your cryptognostic cervix. It now pulses congenial multimedia energy and you’re in love with The Universe.

That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

We’ve redesigned your optisonic awareness. It’s all purple, green and black with heavy bass.

You know the Unicorn, the Total Unicorn. You’ve always known it. You are beyond trash death now. You are in our site. Explore its many mysteries. Know it as it knows you.

Welcome….You’re welcome.



Total Unicorn