I’m VAZA -- mom, wife, yoga instructor, traveler, free spirit, mostly sleep deprived and usually over caffeinated.

I’m a believer in love, freedom, delicious food and that we are all connected with each other. And I’m here to support you on your postpartum journey.

As moms, we try to do it all, to be there for everyone, be everything for everyone, but along the way we forget to take care of ourselves -- which in return doesn’t serve anyone.

Does this sound familiar to you? Mornings don’t have structure; you’re rushing around, multitasking in a pure survival mode and routine? You are just trying to meet ends while also dealing with low energy and lack of physical and emotional strength.

But you would rather be a calm, healthy and compassionate role model for your kids, who would like to bring back the play and fun into your life?

I felt all of this. I have been there.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I felt completely disconnected to my body. I had no control over my pelvic floor (peed my pants when I sneezed, laughed or coughed), I also had a big gap between my rectus abdominis also called diastasis recti, and I couldn’t identify at all with my new body after birth. My OBGYN wasn’t a big help either,  so I decided to help myself to recover my body and mind. My expertise in Yoga and Occupational Therapy surely helped a lot, but I had to dig even deeper to truly understand the anatomy of the pelvic floor and why the diastasis recti didn’t heal in my case on its own. I did lots of research, watched endless videos, talked to midwives and found a great pelvic floor specialist to help me restore my body and mindset. After three years I finally feel home in my body again. The whole experience helped me reconnect with myself again and made me who I am today.

To save other women from the same experience, I am creating prenatal and postpartum online classes to support women on their journey.

With my expertise in yoga and OT, nutrition and holistic approach to the human body, I made it my mission to guide you through your own personal transformations to restore your health,  rebuild self-confidence, culture positive body image and have a mindful awareness of the strengths we all have inside.

After all, there's a Wonder Woman in each of us, and the only thing holding us back is our own limiting beliefs. By connecting the mind, body & soul through conscious awareness, I provide changes that will last a lifetime with the perfect blend of physical activity, spiritual healing, and nutritional support to address the rising needs and concerns of working moms today.

Let’s do this together.

Love, VAZA