Vinit Patil

CODAME Featured Artist: Vinit Patil

Vinit is an industrial electronics engineer who didn’t quite succeed at industrial electronics. In fact, he doesn’t know if micro-controllers are hyphenated. 

After quitting his first job at his uncle’s servo motor factory (much to his uncle’s delight) he pursued more creative interests, but technology always reared it’s nerdy head in every endeavor, darn! 

Vinit has since worked in the creative capacity at digital agencies and as well as startups like file sharing company Box where he brought in the Codame flavor with a beautiful storytelling in data visualization. 

The video below is an installation of how workers at a large companies are interconnected with each other and where the gaps are for improvement, made with artists Kinetech Arts.

He also started The Whiteout Collective with fellow Codame artist @mexist The mission was to create a world where nothing is ever discarded. In subsequent art shows, they took discarded objects, spray painted them white and used them as a canvas for pen and ink illustrations. In the header above, the glasses used to be oversized $2 party sunglasses. 

Vinit also likes to go really low tech. For a recent Codame show, he worked with artist Rudi Anggono and photographer Michael Kennedy to create app icons that are less dribbb-ly and more representative of what they really mean. The show app.ropriate was a print display among high tech shenanigans. 

Vinit is currently the co-founder of SKUE, a wholesale marketplace where indie retailers offer retail guidance and buy products from the top 3% designers. The goal is to fulfill every designer’s dream to get into their favorite retail store. 

Vinit fully embraces technology now after making peace with his engineering years. If you drew up a Venn diagram of art and tech, you will find him at the intersection, trying not to get run over by either circle. 


Vinit Patil