Yagiz Mungan
R. Yagiz Mungan is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is located at the intersection of VR/AR, sound/music, interaction, performance, virtual worlds and gaming. His works ranges from linear musical pieces to art games to installations to generative systems to alternate realities but in general integrates technology as an active agent of the experience. He uses his works to pose questions about various aspects of the daily life, or investigate new aesthetics of sound, interaction and visuals

His solo and collaborative works have been exhibited and performed internationally in United States, Turkey, Germany and Czech Republic. He holds MSc in computer engineering and MFA in interactive arts. He currently lives in San Francisco and is mostly busy with creating interactive experiences for independent projects or AKQA, where he works.


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Interview with Yagiz Mungan

Interdisciplinary artist Yagiz Mungan creates work that blends VR/AR, sound/music, interaction, performance, virtual worlds and gaming. He is especially interested in generative strategies of creating visuals and sound, and ways to use technology to push the boundaries of human perception and emotional response. His work often aims to recontextualize familiar experiences, or addresses uncanny technological encounters in modern life.... [read more here]

Yagiz Mungan
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