3D Web Fest Salon [2017]

3D Web Fest Salon is a perfect chance to catch CODAME Featured Artists in an intimate environment! A much needed offering considering the 800 people we packed into the Palace of Fine Arts for our amazing 3D Web Fest 2017 event.


  • 6pm Doors open, food and drinks served.
  • Socialize with 3d Web Fest artists and your peers, the most forward thinking engineers and designers in the bay area!
  • A-Painter, a Web VR drawing app, demonstrated by CODAME Featured artists.
  • Try your own hand at A-Painter to experience the joy of getting creative in VR with WebGL at your fingertips.
  • Premiere showing of the 3d Web Fest 2017 highlight reel.
  • 10pm lights out, where's the after party? 😉

Ticket sales support creativity in San Francisco through the CODAME ART+TECH program. Profits are split with Featured Artists!


Make an in-kind donation (any amount or equipment appreciated) or become a sponsor. Download the brochure here or contact us directly.

Learn about other Partnerships options on our support art+tech page.

As a nonprofit, CODAME accepts tax deductible donations as members of“Intersection for the Arts” a 501(c)(3) organization.

Special thanks to Mozilla for providing the event venue, food, and drink!


Apply to be part of the magic! We’re looking for outstanding volunteers to support this event and our ART+TECH initiatives.

What are the benefits to you? It’s a fun and extremely rewarding experience as you learn new skills and pass your knowledge on to others. You’ll meet like-minded people, make friends and build a network of people from all backgrounds who share a common passion for ART+TECH.

Codame Code of Conduct for all event attendees.