Art by Code (2014)

CODAME presents “Art by Code” in conjunction with Roll up Gallery.

“Art by Code” is a triumph of human ingenuity and a tribute to artists who dare to imagine, invent, and test the limits creating art generated by code.

Pricing list here.

Gallery Hours: January 30th, 6-9pm sharp.

Where: Roll up Gallery at The Public Works SF, 161 Erie St, San Francisco, CA(map)

Artists: Reza AliAngat GaataTiare RibeauxDonald HansonRobert Allison,Matthew CellaNick CionteaTim CowleyJoel CretanEMiAl LinkeJosh Nimoyand DC Spensley.

Reception night: Enjoy music from IDMX, play the LeapyBird arcade game, go deep in the Organic VR Lounge, be captured by the IOIO plotter and customizePIXEL ART LED Displays with your phone.

RSVP (21+ only)

Art curators: Jaqueline Bacich and Jordan Gray from CODAME
If interested showing your work in the future events with CODAME, get in touch with us by filling this Call for Artists form.


CODAME NEON on Auction at #ArtByCode

All work will be on sale! Including the CODAME commissioned NEON is on Auction for a good cause!

Put your bid amount and contact here! Good luck and thanks for your support!

“Art by Code” gives us an insight into a changing cyber universe populated by artists who brave new frontiers with their computational skills, and go beyond the limits of commercial software to create their unique codes that center on ‘interactivity’ and ‘user’ experiences.

With “Art by Code” we aim to ignite the imagination of a new emerging generation and keep challenging the conventional ways of thinking about art and making art. The computer as the medium raises a host of intriguing questions and forces us to rethink what is art.

The bay area artists have been generating increasingly complex visual forms with tools that rely on open-source. They use programs such as Java [processes], C++, [OpenFrameworks, Cinder], GLSL, JavaScript and AS3. These forms previously could not been imagined.

The selection here represents a sampling of an explosive field and draws on the latest in computer technology from such fields like fractals, algorithmic processes, software art, generative art, data visualization, 3-D software, and much more.Public Works San Francisco

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