Join CODAME in hacking the world of security and privacy! Take a break from alarming reports of breaches and leaks for a night of playing with privacy, puzzles and cyberpunks at . All mediums are up for exploration including music, fashion, performance and interactive installations & what better night to bring your avatar to life than Halloween!

Date and Location:

Friday October 31st, 7pm – midnight
Geekdom – 620 Folsom St., San Francisco

Dress code:

It’s Halloween night! Your opportunity to dress art+tech tonight! Costume or not, do come and enjoy!

Artists (featured CODAME ART+TECH creators)

Installations (Playful explorations of security and privacy)

  • Outerbody Labs See yourself seeing yourself
  • Surveillance Phone Cave Plexum is an “alternate reality” in which the object Surveillance Phone is the rabbit hole*.
  • Datafountain An immersive 3D experience of data from your friends and your own on Facebook.
  • ModBod 3d Scans TSA meets Michelangelo to preserve your form forever
  • Cyberattack Real attacks visualized in Real time.
  • ScreenVortex An infinite zoom through intimate screen captures.
  • Visit Invisible Even the floor is listening to your steps, exploding into a fractal visuals.
  • Faraday Cave kiss your connectedness goodbye in a tinfoil tent chill zone, big enough for you and a friend (or 3)
  • Metropulus::Drone Fly a spy drone through the streets of Metropulous, searching for core intel that may unlock the secret…
  • I Know Where Your Cat Lives Data experiment that visualizes a sample of 1 million public pics of cats on a world map.

Music and performance (times are approximate & may change)

While the evening is already stacked we are still accepting submissions and would love to hear about your project! Get on the Call for Artists form.

Credits: GIF flier original by pretty-boy-luxx, modified with permission