@ Hotel Zetta

November 11, 2016

Join CODAME and explore Artificial Experiences with some of the most artistic, inspiring and visionary designers, engineers, architects, makers, hackers and technologists.

Artificial Experiences

As technology seeps into every second of our waking lives, what experiences from the digital realm are real and worthy of engagement? What moments spent in flesh are glossed over and abstracted, losing their authenticity? How do we assign value to experiences, inside and outside of our screens? How is that value reflected in the ways we work and play in San Francisco and other urban environments?

Where: Hotel Zetta, 55 5th Street in San Francisco, California

When: 11/11, 2016 from 6pm to 11:11:11

Tickets: Event profits support participating artists, in line with the CODAME mission of sustaining the arts.

Drinks: Cash bar. Ask for a  special CODAME discount at the S&R Lounge.

What: Music, art installations and performances. Meet the artists and learn about their work:

  • ModBod by CODAME Labs
  • Illy by Yagiz Mungan
  • Mass Migrations by Marpi
  • DeepDreamVisionQuest by Gary Boodhoo
  • A Flourish of Tiny Regrets by Bill Hsu
  • Psychometric Cinema by Ultrabianka
  • Cleverbot IRL by Wave Chair Ghost
  • Refraction Spheres by Yanling He
  • Internet of Consciousness by Elaine Cheung
  • Recurrent by Joey Verbeke and Yagmur Uyanik
  • Soft Landscapes by v21
  • Motion Graphics by Erica Anderson et al.
  • Inverse Dollhouse
  • Permutation by Ahree Lee
  • Around the Body by Philippe Jestin
  • Holoshatter by Yosun and staRpauSe
  • Music Performance by Real DJ Heroes

At 7:30pm there will be brief artist talks.

This is event is possible thanks to your donations, volunteers and our supporters:

Hotel Zetta

CODAME thanks Hotel Zetta for hosting this event. We appreciate their partnership and admire their desire to support local artists.

Located at the iconic convergence of San Francisco’s Union Square, SoMa and Financial Districts, Hotel Zetta is perfectly situated to experience the best of San Francisco’s fashion, arts, technology and music scene. Originally built in 1913 and re-opened on its 100th anniversary, this 116-room property effortlessly combines state-of-the-art amenities with intuitive service. With 2,760 square feet of meeting and event space, and the ultimate Playroom. Hotel Zetta will be the go-to hotspot for San Francisco’s leading-edge cultural and business communities. Hotel Zetta is located at 55 5th Street in San Francisco, California. For reservations, please call 415-543-8555 or visit the hotel’s web site at 

Capital One

CODAME gives a big thanks to Capital One, a great partner supporting our mission, embracing innovation through creativity, play, and collaboration between artists and technologists. 

At the event, meet with the top creative minds and makers in the industry: Apurva Shah - Head of Creative Technology and Jason DePerro - Experience lead of Creative Technology from Capital One Creative Technology Group (CTG)

CTG’s mission is to experiment on the bleeding-edge of emerging technologies, but stay anchored in human centered design. Their team’s aim is not to foreshadow products with these experiments, but to discover solutions to the unmet problems real people face with their finances.

Apurva, Jason and the entire CTG team are very excited to be a part of the creative art and tech community.