Virtual Reality (VR) has finally arrived. What was science fiction is now fact. So whats the next step?

Join hackers and artists at Mozilla San Francisco, as CODAME presents an evening of virtual reality experimentation and education. Be inspired, meet other VR pioneers and see how easy it is to start building your own VR worlds on the open web.


6:00 – INTRO


  • Eddie Lee: A Psychedelic VR Trip Through the Large Hadron Collider
  • Josh Carpenter: Virtual Reality & The Future of the Web

8:00 – PLAY TIME!

CODAME Featured Artists + Projects:

  • DataGeyser, an immersive VR experience of data on Social Network, a collaboration by HackReactor students + Kinetech Arts
  • Psychedelic VR Trip Through the Large Hadron Collider,  a collaboration effort with Eddie Lee and Baiyon
  • TIMEFLY, Gravity fashion brought to you by Kim Laughton and Kevin Heckart
  • Metropulus::Drone, an interactive installation bringing the dystopian future right into your very hands
  • ModBod3D, A whole body scanner out of a gaming computer, wheel bearing, plywood

Mozilla VR Research Team Open Lab Experiments:

  • Sechelt, a WebGL fly-through of coastal British Columbia built with Ricardo Cabello (aka Mr.doob) of Three.js
  • The Polar Sea, a documentary by DEEP that takes users to the Arctic in 360° VR video, powered by eleVR’s WebGL VR video player.
  • Information Diving, a visualization of data as art inspired by the work of artist Tatiana Plakhova and built with Tony Parisi and Eric Levin using Tony’s Vizi framework
  • Episode 4 of Talk Chat Show Thing—the only talk show filmed in VR

If interested showcasing an inspiring and playful art+tech demo, contact us.

“The opportunity for VR on the Web is particularly exciting. The Web is a vibrant, connected universe where many different types of experiences can be created and shared. People can be productive, have fun and learn all from within their browser. “ – Vladimir Vukićević



Looking to experiment with VR on the Web? 

Download those Firefox Nightly builds. Play, build and show your learnings, results at the CODAME ART+TECH event

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Event Poster Graphic Credits: #singularsociety