Build Your Being in Spark AR

Bring your best face forward in augmented reality! In this beginners course, we’re building our best selves in Spark AR, an augmented reality tool by Facebook. No coding is necessary - we’ll be using features within Spark AR like the facetracker, facemesh, 3D models, animation, and patches. Come with your creative spirit, you will emerge from this course in your final form. 


Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival


Example Effect


Time Schedule

Sunday December 13th at 11:30AM (PT) Time.Is

2 hour duration



This 2-hour session will include the following exercises:

  • Introduction to Spark AR & Features
  • Walkthrough of Spark AR User Interface
  • Guided hands on tutorial for creating a front-facing filter utilizing:
    • FaceMesh object distortion
    • Facemesh painting
    • 3D Object animation
    • The patch editor to create facetracker interactions
  • Breakout groups & self directed creations
  • Round table sharing of creations, insights, and inspirations
  • Next steps, final thoughts.





  • No programming experience required
  • Ideate your look before the workshop
    • Download the Prereq assets
    • Install Spark AR
    • Use the FaceTexture references (in prereq folder) to create a makeup look in Photoshop or Photoshop equivalent.
    • Using SculptGL, and the FaceMesh obj (in prereq folder), model a head shape.


What to bring

  • Computer
  • Internet connection.


Software to be installed




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In these challenging times this is a an opportunity to be more connected beyond our usual San Francisco boundaries.

This is just the start of a CODAME workshop series to continue to connect, inspire and shape the future by building beautiful and playful ART+TECH experiences all together.

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