Clubhouse: 👾 NFT Communities for Artists & Collectors ✨

5:00pm on Friday, March 12th  on ClubHouse

As people approach the NFT space the communities they encounter have more of an impact than any particular platform. 👯‍♂️

Where can artists, collectors, and curators join allies who align with their values and vision? 🎪

How are communities rising to the challenges of counterfitting, marketing, onboarding, and self governance? How do NFTs, DAOs, and social tokens empower communities? 🤩💭

CODAME has been building a collective community since 2010 through workshops, nightlife events, curated ART+TECH Festivals, and art sales. This year CODAME will relaunch our NFT and merch shop on a sustainable Proof of Stake chain 👾

Join experts from NEAR, CollabLand, Createbase, Mintbase, and to find out and find your tribe! 💜

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