On August 21st CODAME will be running an event dedicated to Gaming, join us to be inspired, learn, play and vote for your favorite Indie Game.


  • “Some Observations on Video Game Evolution: A look at 3 video game series over 30 years.” – Eric Wing, Software Engineer at – UPDATE: Presentation recording here!
  • “Bringing emotions into games: the power of character animation.” –  Stefano Corrazza, CEO at Mixamo

#ART by CODE (Silent Auction)

Gallery work created by: Antonio CortezKristin HenryJosh NimoyMatthew Cella

#INDIE GAMES developers showcase

A great opportunity to showcase your work and get feedback from your peers and others in the game industry, as well be eligible to be chosen for an award and the opportunity to attend CODAME ART+TECH Festival

Presenting Games: 

  1. Lost Toys by Barking Mouse Studio
  2. Full Bore by Casey Carlin
  3. Enhanced Wars by Ethan Levy
  4. Retrobooster by Terry Welsh
  5. Eugene Houdin by Nick Smith
  6. Super Marshmallow Ninja by ArdentKid
  7. Undead Overlord by JumpCore Productions
  8. Canon Brawl by Turtle Sandbox
  9. byteRider by 

Judges Panel: 


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The Digital Game Museum is a Silicon Valley based videogame museum will be exhibiting three games that feature non-traditional game play plus the original art from an indie game that went viral and was a category finalist at Indiecade 2011.  All games will be playable!

The Digital Game Museum preserves, presents, and studies the history and evolution of digital games and explores the impact of games on individuals, communities, and society.  The museum has an emphasis on conservation, research and community engagement.  Visit the website at for more information.


DJ STARPAUSE will be keeping the vibes alive. Catch up with old friends or make new ones!

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