CODAME @ NightLife LIVE 2015

CODAME as joined the California Academy of Sciences for NightLife LIVE on a selected Thursday each month in 2015.

Experience cutting-edge visual artists in an innovative intersection of science, music, and art. Witness special installations from a different featured artist at each event Art curated by CODAME and Betty Bigas.


2015 Program


September 10

CODAME Featured Artist

Anna Landa is an artist based in New York City and San Francisco whose more recent work draws inspiration from the intersection of art and science. She creates two-dimensional works and installations reflecting her preoccupation with questions concerning the idea of self, time, and mortality.
On display at the Academy of Science’s NightLife event will be a new rendition of her sound installation “The Fear”. Inspired by research observing a fixed number of heartbeats in all mammals, the piece incorporates her own recorded heartbeat in an attempt to quantify human life’s finite nature and bring the notion of mortality to the forefront of consciousness. The exhibit will utilize tactile transducers to convert the audio of the installation into a multi-sensory interactive experience for the viewer.


Live Music by

Moon Duo
Peaking Lights Acid Test
Britt Govea (DJ set / Folkyeah)
Presented by (((folkYEAH!)))





August 6

CODAME is holding a BODY SCAN ASSET JAM. Hosting a premier showcase featuring work created with ModBod3D assets. To be considered for the exhibition,Submit your work.


Live Music by

Presented by Outside Lands


 July 9

CODAME is featuring artists from Sustainable Magic. Using art and technology, Sustainable Magic’s team creates engaging, interactive art with the aim to evoke surprise, wonder, delight, magic, and playfulness in their viewers, leading them to question their conception what what is possible.



Sustainable Magic

Live Music by

The Dodos
Doe Eye
DJ Omar
Aaron Axelson


Presented by Popscene SF

The Dodos




June 11

CODAME is bringing our own style of ART+TECH including the interactive GIF visualizer known as gifSlap for hands-on play. You’ll find our station on the patio outside of the Rainforest Dome next to the stage.




May 14

CODAME Featuring “Circuit Dancers” by Victoria Mara Heilweil & Phil Spitler, inspired by the dual cultures of dance and technology.



Live Music by

Machinedrum Vapor City Live
B. Bravo
Brogan Bentley (Piazza DJ)
Presented by DJ Dials





October 15

CODAME Featured Artist: #LeapyBird

Your bird wants to go on an adventure of epic proportions but needs you to make him fly! Place your hands over the sensor and flap your way through video game land, San Francisco, and CODAME memories on your way to the amazing end stage. 11 wholly frustrating and tiring scenes will have you dodge all manner of obstacles. Only the bravest and strongest can survive!
LeapyBird art, game, and sound by ANI (Amy Lee). 


Live Music by

Hundred Waters


Science Side Shows

Get hands-on with local science groups like Bay Area Science Festival, BioCurious, Counter Culture Labs and UC Santa Cruz’s OpenLab.

LIVE Happy Hour

Head to the West Garden from 6:00-7:45 pm and enjoy DJ sets, happy hour bites, cocktails, lawn games, and more! Plus, stop by the NightLife LIVE photobooth, provided by SnapYourself.

Stage visuals provided by ALL OF IT NOW.

Soundcloud Playlist

Get a preview of who’s hitting the LIVE stage this summer with the NightLife LIVESoundcloud playlist.