Entwined 2.0 Live Demo of LED Patterns
Sunday January 30th  from 6-8pm (PT)
Get excited for a live pattern show of the work you all created for Entwined 2.0 at our workshop!  We will be demonstrating what you created, including some awesome patterns from class alumnae Lindsay, Jason, Mattaniah, Sydney, and Quinn -- congrats!  These new patterns have been quite a hit with the Entwined crew, so we're excited to show them off for the whole city to see!
We'll have a controller so you can play around with the patterns live (even if you hadn't created one in the workshop 😉). The Sculpture is also interactive if you scan certain LED cubes with QR codes on them 👀. Come chat with like-minded tech artists and LED enthusiasts.

Meet Colin and the CODAME Team at the San Francisco Golden Gate Park, Peacock Meadow, underneath the main tree. Dress warmly: The meadow can get surprisingly chilly at night!
Photo by Jason Chinn, courtesy of SF Parks Alliance