.FRAG Shader Show

Showcasing the work created by attendees of the #CodeArtTogether series of workshops led by Char Stiles in "New Art City" multiplayer virtual exhibition space with a focus on co-presence and native web technology. Created by CODAME Featured Artist d0nxyz 



June 5th, 2020 

One hour exhibition from 5pm - 6pm (PST)

Free to join. Donations are welcome.


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Adam Benzan

Adelle Lin

Andrew Jarvis

Angus M Macdonald

Ara Zhang

Серёжа Захаров

Char Stiles

Chris Palmer

Christopher Coleman



Eliza SJ

Elliott Mitchell

Emma Smith

Frederik De Bleser

Grant Kennedy

Grey Keith

Gustavo Ambrozio

Ian Avery


Iltimas Doha

James Proctor

Jeremy Rotsztain

Jonathan Foote

Jordan Gray

Julia Tufts

Kirit Tanna

Kris Keyser

Matt McKenna

Matthew Rayfield

Melissa Kahn

Mutafa Khafateh

Niel Mendoza

Nikolas Diamant



Perttu Tuovinen

Quinn Keck

Rainy Sinclair

Soma Holiday

Søren Peter

Takako Oshima

Taurin Barerra

Taylor Paydos

Tim Pietrusky

Urdude Alvy


P.S. If you created .frag files in the workshop and would like to be involved in this showing please send CODAME your artist image and bio =) We have been working hard to import as many shaders as possible starting with the first Fundamentals workshop Char taught, but can prioritize your inclusion with those assets. Thank you!


More shaders created at our workshops can be found on https://github.com/CODAME/Shaders-Workshop 




Join us as a sponsor, volunteer, artist, or workshop leader! Let us know your goals and interests. What topics grab your curiosity to learn or teach? Please reach out through our call for workshops.

All proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Donations are always welcome.


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