Museum of Future Sports: BYOB

The Museum of Future Sports would like to invite artists to BYOB to our June 1st, 9th and 21st events at 10 Van Ness in San Francisco!

Bring your own beamer is was invented in Berlin in 2010 by Rafael Rozendaal and is an event model that showcases projection based artworks “salon style”. We’re calling it an “Immersive Circus”. So get ready to bring your laptop and video projector and share your work with the world! All artists will receive comps to share with friends to attend the event and a small stipend. We are also considering VR, AR and other technological spectacles like robots and or other fascinating diversions. 

The Museum of Future Sports (MoFS) is an exciting new destination celebrating the intersection of games, technology, immersive entertainment and education.  Featuring eSports, VR, immersive art, drones, robotics, AI, digital art battles and more, MoFS offers activities for multiple communities, including STEM/STEAM education programs, parties, meet ups and events.

Event curated by DC Spensley