Recipes Embedded, Developed, and Created with Algorithms

Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival (included in the

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Saturday, Dec 19, 2020, 10:00 AM PST (1 hour) (check your timezone) 


Please add to the c0d3 kitchen GUESTBOOK, by sharing your thoughts before the event - drop a comment, add a note or share an image. 

Transcend Taste is a digital exploration of how dining is an immersive experience. When people think of dining and food, their cultural and personal preferences are shown. From being a picky eater to collaborations for the betterment of the taste buds. One thing we forget at times is how this entity of object has the ability to make us wonder through both positive and negative connotations, depending on what is being discussed. In our performance/immersive installation, we will be breaking down the dining experience through different lenses. Particularly aiming at the 5 senses while reevaluating the meaning of some of our semantics towards this experience.

Through different creative coding environments in conjunction with online spaces meant for exploration, c0d3 kitchen will be showcasing the kitchen in a deconstructed format. Where obejcts and sense will be and will not be how they normally are to promote thinking. A timeless performance that depending on your mood and how you interact with the space will bring upon a different sensation every time. Should be noted, it won't necessarily be a drastic change but one that emulates the ability to feel different, even if eating the same food twice.


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