Series: Building Interactive Installations

with Mirabelle Jones



Learn Arduino and Touch Designer skills to build the interactive installation of your dreams! Playgrounds like Meow Wolf and Museum of Ice Cream have taken the art world by storm but micro controllers for immersive art has a rich history that includes Disney Park Imagineers. Explore how sensors and inputs can be used to trigger meaningful shifts in LED lighting, projection, and sound.

Each of the 5 workshops can be taken alone, but you'll get the most out of joining for the entire ride. The sessions are suitable for beginners to both Arduino and TouchDesigner. They will also be helpful to seasoned developers and designers looking to expand on their existing knowledge of interactive systems.

Please note an Arduino Circuit Playground Express, some Banana Clips, and a USB Cable are required to follow along. Because of unpredictable shipping times we suggest ordering these ASAP!


Time Schedule

  • 10am PST for all workshop dates Time.Is
  • 2 hour duration for each workshop. 
  • It's ok to take any of the workshops stand alone, they are all designed to be beginner friendly.

Upcoming Dates:

  • 9/27 - Design a room

Design a room-scale interactive exhibit. 

 Past Dates:

  • 9/6LED sculpture or wearable

Build an interactive LED sculpture or wearable with reactive lighting and sound that responds to sensor input using Circuit Playground.

  • 9/13 - Video effects.

Uses sensor data from an accelerometer to manipulate video effects.

  • 9/20Camera input

Create an interactive installation that responds to movements using camera input with TouchDesigner and Arduino. 

  • 8/30/2020 - Sound Sculpture / Instrument 

Build your own interactive capacitive touch instrument with Circuit Playground.


Skill Level

  • Open to all levels.
  • No specific background required for this workshop.Hardware to purchase

You will need to Bring Your Own Arduino hardware! The entire kit will cost less than $40 with shipping and tax. Don't wait until the last minute, especially with unpredictable shipping times.

Adafruit Circuit Playground Arduino hardware:

Software to install

What to bring

  • Computer & power/charger 
  • Zoom installed ahead of time
  • For best experience, it's recommend to have a second screen (or tablet) for the video streaming and keep your main for computer display for live coding and test your creations.



$25 suggested donation with a sliding scale. Get your ticket now.



Electric Jellyfish courtesy Mirabelle Jones


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