Build a Social Art Bot

Eventbrite - ART+TECH Festival [2018] 


Build a Twitter bot with Yiying Lu and Lil PDF

Over the last half of a century, #ARTOBOTS have emerged as an new form of expression. Bots like @thinkpiecebot, @censusamericans, and @tiny_star_field demonstrate that bots can be much more than inane conversational agents—they can be deep-cutting satirists, insightful reporters, and even graffiti artists. 

The practice of bot-making continues to evolve as tools mature and become accessible enough for anyone with a whim to spin up a new digital friend. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to guess if a social media feed is a human or a bot. More importantly, that distinction is becoming less critical as users seek algorithms to deliver content they love.

Bot-building is a fun project for programmers looking for an expressive outlet, creatives interested in expanding their toolbox, and everyone in between. This workshop will enable beginners and inspire pros to create new forms of automated art. Hosts will guide participants through the process (both conceptual and technical) of making bots—not just as interfaces, but as vehicles for rhetoric and personal expression. 

Come to the Midway on Tuesday, June 5th where we will be keeping an eye on the San Francisco Primary Election results as we construct a new legion of Twitter Art Bots. Their output and influence is up to you!


  • NO prior coding experience required. This workshop is intended for coders and beginners alike.
  • Do bring your laptop to follow along and bring your SocialBot to life!

Participants in this workshop will be encouraged to display their work at the ART+TECH Festival [2018] #ARTOBOTS


Eventbrite - ART+TECH Festival [2018]

 June 5th, 5:30pm @ The Midway

as part of CODAME 

ART+TECH Festival [2018] 



Image by Doug Chayka