Workshop: DataViz

Code Art Together

with Shirley Wu



In this workshop, we will go through the entire process of creating a custom data visualization from scratch. We will learn how to create any shape we want with SVG paths, and translate our data into those shapes with D3.js. We will cover the core fundamentals of D3.js, including selection, data-binding, the enter-update-exit pattern, and scales. We will learn all this while turning movies data into fun, beautiful flowers, like in the project film flowers


Time Schedule

Saturday Jule 13th at 11:30 (PT) (14:30 EDT, 18:30 UTC, 20:30 CEST) Time.Is

2 hour duration



$20 suggested donation with a sliding scale. Get your ticket now.

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This 2-hour session will include the following exercises:

  • 15min - Introduction, concepts, and context.
  • 30min - Guided hands on creation, application of concepts.
  • 30min - D3.js scales to translate movie data.
  • 30min - Render all film flowers to the screen!
  • 15min -  Next steps, final thoughts.
  • ??min - Excited people can hang out a bit longer!


Some Javascript, HTML, CSS knowledge is necessary.


What to bring

Computer and internet connection.


Software to be installed

Install Zoom



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In these challenging times this is a an opportunity to be more connected beyond our usual San Francisco boundaries.

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