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Eventbrite - ART+TECH Festival [2018]

Three-dimensional experiences of sound and music bring people together, catalyzing shared moments of inspiration, empathy, and wonder.

In this workshop you will compose music for a 32 speaker system that surrounds the audience to create a sphere of spatial sound. All the speakers work simultaneously to position and move sound around the listener from any direction – above, below, and even between speakers. 

Using free and open-source tools that run inside of Ableton Live Suite 10, Artists and producers can create their own DIY setups for studio production of shows with 4, 6 or 8 speakers easier than ever before. Three-dimensional sound placement enables artists to create immersive mixes for multichannel spaces and VR/AR environments using normal headphones.

Required: Laptop running Ableton Live Suite 10 (30 day trial). Get a head start with some homework: Install Envelop For Live.

Thank you for your support. This is a not for profit event as members of Intersection for the Arts a 501(c)(3) and all proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Thank you for your support for ART ♥️ TECH !!! 

Eventbrite - ART+TECH Festival [2018]

June 4th, 5:30pm @ The Midway

as part of CODAME 

ART+TECH Festival [2018]