Make Your Own Music and Visualize It This Weekend!

No code, music, or visualizer experience required for a special back-to-back workshop weekend!

On Saturday (10/17, 11am - 1am PT) you will learn about time and pitch, the fundamentals of music. Get creative and make your own loops. Taught by Abhinay Khoparzi who runs Algorave India.

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On Sunday (10/18, Oct 17 + Sun, Oct 18) you can bring the music loops you made or your favorite music. Learn how to create visuals that react to audio and how to share them on social media. Taught by Samarth Gulati, a returning CODAME featured artist. Register Now!

If you've got young ones, both of these workshops are a perfect on ramp to being creative with technology! That goes for a young one you've hidden away in yourself 😉

Visualize Music Using Hydra Blocks

Workshop: Visualize music using hydra blocks 

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Join us on Fri, Oct 16 at 11am for a Live Auction of Light Barcode by Jordan Gray. Bidding will be in ETH so top up via coinbase or your favorite crypto on ramp. All are welcome, if you’re new to crypto you can still come for the memes and energetic environment!

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