Arido Taurajo

Arido Taurajo is the story of a woman rejoining the work force and her guild after starting a family in the World of Warcraft massively multiplayer role playing game. In this aria, composed in the musical style of Giacomo Puccini and in collaboration with the artificial intelligence Roboccini, the main character returns to her home and considers the lush beauty of the world she is in. It is sang by Maya Ackerman, and produced by Nicolas Mauthes. The machine learning system used to make the melody is created by Maya Ackerman, David Loker, and Chris Cassion.

ALYSIA ( is a songwriting AI assistant that makes it easy for anyone to create original songs in minutes - no songwriting training or expertise required. This aria was created using an Italian variation of ALYSIA, trained on the works of famous Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini. The resulting system was called ROBOCCINI.