Übungsraum, or Personal Movement Space, is a Kinesthetic interactive sound and vision experience. Sensors track the bodies that enter the a space, while harmonious sound and light react. The work is centered on extending the natural understanding of our physical awareness. Body vibrations and patterns of movement will be reflected, creating a unique playable instrument out of human, light, and sound. Frenetic dancing is encouraged, as well as calm meditative movement.


Jacob Fenwick is a little bit maybe gearhead and a kind of techno wizard obsessed with making aluminium objects. He owed the other colaborators a debt and so they got him to wrangle the sensor network.

Matt Howell, misterinterrupt, is a hacker and audio synthesist focused on uncovering exoteric truths via hypnogogic sound and mediated proprioception. His interactive artworks aim to inspire the discovery and embodiment of creative human agency.

Donald Hanson is a new media artist and visual designer that uses code as a medium for expression. He also works on gifSlap and cofounded the electronica label, Gridwalk.