Part of the 10th annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival (included in the

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COSMOS is an exploratory exercise to visualize space objects and events. From Calabi Yau Shapes* floating with a background of a galaxy (This is impossible to visualize because those shapes are geometries of higher dimensions inside protons and neutrons inside the atom nucleus, but it is my artistic interpretation on the subject), to interplanetary star systems like our solar system, to black holes (Small black holes with relatively small mass) When the user interacts with an artwork by touching the screen, the specific experiment will transform and give to the spectator a new sensation related to the visualization and subject. The project is built using web open source technologies.

* The Calabi Yau Geometries were built from the research of Andrew J. Hanson and Paul Masson math framework. All the experiments are rendered with three.js and animated with gsap.


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