Tom Liguori believes holographic art is a visual metaphor of life. That is, how you interpret what you see, largely depends on the angle at which you view it. So, each person’s view of reality will change dramatically if simply change their point of view.

He has two distinctly different types of art. The first is cell art. In the process he adds a variety of chemicals to make a gallon of resin and then add pour it out into separate containers with the different colorant in them. He then makes multiple pours of the resin on canvass all the time manipulating the canvass to enlarge or elongate the cells as they form. It is a wonderful and exciting process and really gets the creative juices flowing.

The second process uses holography. It typically starts with a large glass plate about three square feet and coat it with a heavy metal called Ammonium Dichromate. Once the plate is coated, it has to cure for about a week and then it’s ready for exposure over a three-dimensional model with exposure to laser light. After exposure, the plate is developed and if all conditions non-movement were met, the plate will have a beautiful three-dimensional image on it. Then, it must be sealed and becomes the substrate or canvass upon which acrylic paints are added. Most recently, Tom has been experimenting with new pieces that combine both unusual art forms.

In addition to the pure joy it brings to produce the art and have others enjoy it, Tom’s passion is to help others. 100% of all proceeds from the artwork is donated to these select causes, chosen specifically for the diverse populations they serve – from kids to our military, veterans, and first responders to people in impoverished countries. Over $175,000 has been raised to date to help these amazing organizations including CODAME

100% of all proceeds from Tom’s artwork benefits, shown at our events, go to CODAME and other non profit organizations. 

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