Ecstatic Epiphany
"The idea to use the Turk street building itself as an artist canvas was initiated by CODAME's own Vicente Montelongo. They set out to find an artist capable of taking this on, and Micah was the perfect fit."


An interactive site-specific light installation at CounterPULSE, 80 Turk, SF, produced in collaboration with CODAME.
LED light on laser-cut mat board, 4×8′
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Ecstatic Epiphany is a human-scale window into an imaginary space, installed in public behind an existing glass block wall. This piece is for anyone on the sidewalk to watch and control. Walking past it, your movement is amplified into a shift in perspective. Sometimes this is a passive action, other times it can lead to a dramatic change as chaos unfolds in the generative algorithms. The choreography of this mathematical world forms a continuous cyclic narrative of creation, depression, agency, and rebirth. Each moment is unique, echoed but never repeated.

Some takes form the making of the “Ecstatic Epiphany” LED installation.