gifSlap is VJ software for people who love GIFs.

A great tool for creating strange and colorful patterns that loop and shimmer with the playback of GIFs. It was designed as a live visuals program to enhance electronic music shows, but it can also be used to create compelling compositions and net art.

gifSlap has been used at several CODAME events as an interactive installation. There are a variety of control options, from any MIDI controller, USB gamepad, or other MIDI-emitting program to the basic keyboard and mouse setup. We’ve used it to feature GIF artists at the GIF Happy Hours / CODAME ART+TECH Rendezvous.


  • Where do the GIFs come from? They come from you! When the program starts you’re asked for the location of a folder of GIFs.

  • What are the controls? There are hundreds of options to control! For instance the size, shape, rotation, opacity, movement speed, playback order, arrangement, foregrounds, midgrounds, backgrounds and other simultaneous options. The full list will be published with the documentation

  • Where do I download the program? The software is sold at

  • Who made this? gifSlap is designed and developed by VCO_Vault, aka Donald Hanson.

  • Can we get gifSlap at our event? Yes! gifSlap makes a great installation piece. With very versatile controls, the setup can be as complex or simple as needed, and always very fun! Contact


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