"Ice‑Time" is a multi‑channel video poem that began as an inquiry into the deep time of our planet’s environment. Ice is the most visible yet inaccessible indicator of the short‑term effects of climate change. "Ice‑Time" is a document of our unique moment in glacial space‑time, expressing the beauty, the rationality and the gravitas of ice. The project creates a singular cinematic portrait of ice, from vast glaciers to individual crystals, manifesting time and revealing the phenomenon of ice through contrasting physical scales and speeds of observation. As the geological and the geopolitical are increasingly joined in feedback cycles, glacial ice provides a four‑dimensional hyper‑view into time and space, an icy tesseract giving us an 800,000 years view backward into Earth’s climatological past and forwards towards the pending outcomes of current rising temperatures. The work is intended to give the viewer the opportunity to form a new relationship to ice.

Filmed in Western Greenland, Antarctica, and in collaboration with scientists at CalTech, NYU, The University of Bristol, and the National Ice Core Laboratory, "Ice‑Time" is a poetic response to the accelerating changes we are currently observing in Earth's ecosystem due to the anthropogenic impacts of climate change, centering on an expedition in the summer of 2016 to Western Greenland, the location of Jakobshavn Isbrae, the fastest moving glacier on Earth.


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