ILLUSION is a performance-based sound installation, which is activated by brainwaves of a performer and produces rhythmic sounds. A performer sits in the middle of a room wearing an EEG cap. Customized percussion instruments are behind the performer and a video projection in the front. When the performer closes their eyes, a particular frequency of electrophysiological signals trigger in the visual cortex and actuate rudimentary mechanical devices to play cadenced sounds, an exterior manifestation of the performer’s internal state. 

Blinking, the simple movement of closing and opening your eyes divide the visual world into light and darkness. The BCI system turns the repetitive gesture into the cadenced sound reminiscent of raindrops. When you close your eyes, you can see the world imaged by sounds.

According to Edward Soja, physically existing space is Firstspace, conceptualized space is Secondspace, and encompassing the First and Secondspace but distinguished from them is Thirdspace. In ILLUSION, a performer is sitting in an exhibition hall, Firstspace. Audiences gather at the CODAME Art+Tech festival, Secondspace. The rhythmic sound played when the performer closes their eyes connects senses and memories, creating Thirdspace in their consciousness. 

Close your eyes and experience the Thirdspace in your mind. There is everything and nothing.