Literally flap your way to victory!

Your bird wants to go on an adventure of epic proportions but needs you to make him fly! Place your hands over the sensor and flap your way through video game land, San Francisco, and CODAME memories on your way to the amazing end stage. 11 wholly frustrating and tiring scenes will have you dodge all manner of obstacles. Only the bravest and strongest can survive!

Download the sound effects for free!


LeapyBrid is not just a fun game, book it for a Creative Workshops 

  • Learn how to build a game with #LeapyBird 
  • Customize your #LeapyBird with your own designs, sound effects.

With just a few lines of code, make your bird fly and win levels by literally flopping your hands and smile.

An opportunity for kids (and not only) to learn about game design, coding and have fun! For all ages!