M Carbon Dioxide

M Carbon Dioxide is one of Sven Eberwein's latest works of art and represents 1000 tonnes of CO2 formerly purchased and retired as verified credit units (VCUs) on the Verra registry and minted to the blockchain as an NFT. The amount of CO2 offset by this NFT is equivalent to the emissions that person living in an industrialized country would emit over the course of 40 years. To give context, the typical roundtrip transatlantic flight from NYC to London emits 2 tonnes of CO2 per passenger seated in economy class. Thus, this NFT represents 500 such flights!

The offsets identified and selected for this artwork were derived from Offsetra’s sustainability project portfolio. The Bull Run project and the Cerro de Hula project were both selected during the creation of this NFT.

More information about the process:

  • For every tonne of CO2, there was a corresponding Verified Carbon Reduction Unit (VCU) purchased on behalf of the work. 
  • Every VCU represents one tonne of CO2 offset from forestry protection and renewable energy projects.
  • This work is listed in the exact dollar amount required to offset the corresponding CO2 reduction and acts only as a transmitter.
  • The VCUs have been purchased via @offsetra and attributed to this work.
  • They can be accessed via the link present in the QR code.
  • The owner of this work would be supporting the reduction of emissions equivalent to the average first world citizens emissions for the next 5 years.

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