Matchy is an AI chatbot that helps organizations increase creativity and productivity by connecting people across silos, tiers, and distance in ways that promote empathy and collaboration. Benefits include more effective onboarding for new employees, increased employee engagement and retention, and improved knowledge sharing and productivity.

CODAME believes creativity will be the greatest source of competitive advantage in the coming age. Matchy was initially conceived to streamline CODAME's mission of enabling technology artists by blending both disciplines and using play to help large organizations unleash the creativity of their teams.

Users chat with Matchy as if it were another user on Slack or other enterprise messaging services. Behind the curtain, Matchy is an interactive bot powered by artificial intelligence that incorporates lessons the CODAME team has learned from decades of professional matching and innovation igniting experiences.

Matchy interacts with users periodically over a several weeks, without requiring large amounts of their time. Playful interactions are structured to guide users in expanding their networks within the organization by gaining professional and personal understanding of their coworkers.

Engage your teams with Matchy today! Build trust and unlock innovation to secure your place as a leader in your industry! Connect your people and have fun without sacrificing productivity! 

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