A familiar code rain graphics demo. There are so many rubbish Matrix screensavers, Jeremy Sachs (aka Rezmason) wanted to do it right. Read the repo’s readme file for more information. Two fun details: my knowledge of signed distance fields from Scourge (see below) was a big help, and he rebuilt the matrix font in Illustrator that some digital agency partially left in an old SWF by mistake.

Jeremy has been featured at CODAME using Matrix by remixing the scans as part of modbod-3d project.

In 2020 Jeremy migrated the project to regl, a functional WebGL wrapper that's a better fit for graphic effects like this one.

In 2021, in anticipation of the latest installment in the movie franchise, Jeremy added a "3D mode", along with an expanded font painstakingly recovered from promotional material. I also migrated the project once again, to WebGPU, the web's next low-level graphics and GPU compute API.

Additionally, Jeremy got my hands on a Looking Glass Portrait and worked out how to display this effect holographically, ie. by rendering the effect from multiple vantage points simultaneously.

You can check the code on

This project was featured in Vice Motherboard, along with insight into the effect from Lilly Wachowski.