The Metamorphosis interactive installation brings insight into the notion of self in an effort to embrace togetherness.

Facing each side of the transformation portal viewers align their physical symmetry with each others to create changing personas in real time and co-create unity.

It's also a platform for various art forms to take place including:

  • Performance arts (Dance, Theater)
  • Photography and videography (from participants)
  • Interactive & Transformative arts 

The Metamorphosis project brings forth changes and insights through physical, sociological, psychological and spiritual transformation. It can help bridge the differences perceived by: 

  • Age: Young / Elderly
  • Colors: Black / White
  • Gender: Male /Female
  • Social Status: Rich / Poor
  • Religion & culture: Jewish / Muslim

 Metamorphosis is a collaborative, playful, Inner-Active and unique transformative experience inspired by the following key concepts:

  • Equality
  • Unity & Collaboration
  • Truth & knowledge
  • Art & Expressive freedom