Undead Overlord

CODAME Featured Game: Undead Overlord by JumpCore Productions

With the CODAME GAMES showdown only days away, we thought we’d give you preview of the indie games that will be duking it out on August 21 for top bragging rights and a trip to the ARTS+TECH Festival.

Undead Overlord is an all-out mayhem Zombie Dominion RTS game where the goal is to create as much chaos as possible while wiping out the humans!

Undead Overlord is born of a passion to see something different exhumed from the zombie games space. So in the tradition of games like Dungeon Keeper, we’ve turned the genre on its head, and put the player in charge of the zombie horde.

As an Undead Overlord, the world is yours to conquer and remake in your own grotesque image.

  • Make your horde deadly enough to overwhelm modern armaments.
  • Grow deadly Boss Zombie mutations with behavior and abilities modified to provide strategic advantages to your horde.
  • Time powerful special attacks properly to maximize effects.
  • Create the most chaos possible in your quest to undermine the very basis of reality!

Bringing many of the classic RTS controls and strategies into the mix, Undead Overlord’s design includes a custom touch screen interface for tablet players. Inspiration from the huge body of work in the fertile zombie genre led to one of the distinguishing aspects of the game’s design:

Your enemy is your resource.

That means that each time a human unit is killed and makes the transition to being undead, the player assumes control of that unit. It means that the tide of battle can shift quickly when a soldier’s wingman not only goes out of action, but is suddenly working for the other side. That’s a crushing blow to morale, and one that could send that soldier fleeing in panic, or even leave him cowering in abject fear – making him easy, tender, juicy pickings.

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Undead Overlord