Vibration, Obfuscation, Detritus & Inheritance

Presence, focus, attenuation.

What creature sits beside you in the present, that your eye goes crossed looking towards, its blood running through your body, obscured, breaking its own prism? Can you look at yourself and allow seeing detritus, your own detritus and deterioration? Or every moment a glimmering force, a resonant bright strike that shines its echo through the hilt of a gem cosmos? A tree? A cooled river?

This piece shows three generations of a human, flittering past each other, looking into themself, the weight of the biology and the matrix of the spirit that underlies super nature.

Three layers of video intercut, jittery, my face, my daughter's face, her grandfather's face in bin-optic camera. We look into the camera, see two parts of myself, captured in the slice of time, the slice of reality.

In the edit, a crystalline layer emerges, then a static layer, flattened on a plane.

Another similar layer, but the shape of a face

Another layer, a deep seated dark root, dark water, drifting, sparkling, crackling, we hear the sound of wood burning and then the sound of water flowing.

A piercing multi-spectral light sears outwards, sending chroma through the layers, and the faces re-emerge, jittering, frenetically intercut, then cut together more slowly, then more slowly and the shot holds on the artist's face as a ringing frequency rises to presence.